I help coaches and holistic practitioners fill their calendar with Instagram and honest sales.

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To help coaches, healers and wellness practitioners build successful businesses so that together we can make the world a healthier, safer, and more welcoming and loving place.


Coaching since 2012.

Led over one hundred in-person and online workshops.

My Expertise:

  • Respectfully selling 1-on-1 services
  • Instagram marketing
  • Authentic content writing
  • Niching and messaging.
  • Facebook and Instagram Ads
  • Workshop scripting and facilitation

Personal Interests That Influence My Coaching

  • Buddhism and meditation.
  • Internal Family Systems
  • Nonviolent Communication.
  • Capoeira.

How I Became A Compassionate Marketing Coach

I was a very shy kid and in my early 20s, at a Nonviolent Communication (NVC) workshop, I discovered the healing power of being in a community where I could be 100% authentic.

Inspired by this new awareness, I became an NVC trainer and built a business, which I ran for 8 years, teaching and offering coaching.

I discovered that I had a good mind for marketing and sales and eventually started teaching Compassionate Marketing to others in the trauma and healing spaces. 

My Spiritual (Business) Transformation 

In the early days of my NVC business, I joined a high-end business coaching program and worked with a business coach 1-on-1 to help with marketing and sales.

With this help, my income grew, but something was off.

I was taught the all too common aggressive marketing and sales strategies such as pressuring people to buy now and making overly hyped up claims.

I was teaching my clients and students how to heal through authenticity and self-love, while my marketing strategies were based on what I was told “worked,” even though my gut told me it didn’t feel right.

Eventually, I knew I couldn't continue this way, so I looked for new business guidance. I listened to podcasts and scoured social media for coaches whom my gut said “You can trust this person.”

I found new coaches and mentors and began growing my business while remaining honest and authentic in my sales and marketing processes.

Since including compassion, authenticity and care into my marketing and sales, I've become a better coach and more emotionally grounded, inspired and connected to my mission in the world. Since I've had less inner resistance, my income has actually increased compared to where it was before. 

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