Enroll Clients Respectfully

The truth about growing an Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, podcast, and other online followings:

Do you fantasize about building a large community of followers who love your content?

Having a huge following can give you the feeling that you've made it, that you're valuable and sought-after.

But this longing for online "popularity" comes with some serious downsides.

When it's not working fast, it's probably not you; it's the reality of the algorithms. Except for the few who already knew social marketing or "won social media lottery" (btw big viral wins don't always lead to a loyal followings anyway), it takes many coaches, holistic practitioners, and online service providers years to grow a significant, loyal online following. Don't freak out. Keep reading. 

Chasing "popularity" taps into the social drives in your brain. This means that social media can turn into an obsession and addiction, even when it's not paying the bills.

If your goal is to serve clients and earn a great income, you don't need a huge following anyway. I started enrolling clients who found me through Instagram back when I had fewer than 200 Instagram followers.

Knowing how to enroll clients now, even with a small following, is a smarter path than obsessing over and failing at trying to go "viral," for the following reasons:

  1. You'll be better at enrolling clients and making offers when you do have a huge following in the future.
  2. If you don't care about having a huge following, you don't have to struggle to make it happen. You can focus on serving clients instead and relax because you'll have financial stability.

If you're like me, then you want to enroll clients without becoming evil. 

In other words, you don't want to:

  • come off like an MLM salesman to all your friends and family.
  • claim that you have magic cures or success secrets that you don't actually have.
  • rely on copying trending social media memes every day (the most evil of them all!)

No… you want to be original, share your gifts, and help people the way you’ve been helped. I see you and I understand.

I practice Buddhism and take the path of right livelihood seriously. Whether you have a spiritual practice or just want to be ethical for practical reasons, I'm with you.

I teach a respectful and compassionate approach to client enrollment

Jonah Richman
Jenn Visser  - Somatic Healing & Empowerment Coach

“Last year I got a side job doing massage because I was stressed about money. This year I'm earning an average 7k a month.

Anyone that chooses Jonah will be really lucky because of his multidementiality with knowledge and empathetic ability to be with people emotions and parts work is amazing. Safety, honesty, security. ”

Somatic Healing & Empowerment Coach

Jonah Richman
Nikki Hunter - Owner of Greenvanity beauty store, Skin Therapist and Body Dysmorphia Coach

“Jonah helped me discovery where I was missing out on sales. My revenue is at a 24% increase over last year.”

Owner of Greenvanity beauty store, Skin Therapist and Body Dysmorphia Coach

How My Approach Works:

The reason most coaches, holistic practitioners, and service providers struggle to enroll clients is that social media hijacks your emotional brain and hypnotizes you to hyper-focus on views, likes, comments, and saves.

Most business coaches market to "vanity" metrics ("How I gained 10k followers in one week"), not because it's what you need to learn, but because it's what gets attention for them. It's not that these metrics aren't valuable, but they're not the metrics you need to be paying attention to if you want to grow your business.

Like a video game, it's hard not to focus on winning points, even though those points are worthless to you in the real world.

This causes you to not focus enough on the things that do get you clients and more income.

With all the options for growing an online following available today—social media platforms, marketing funnels, launch strategies, copywriting templates, podcasting, and YouTube—it can be overwhelming for many coaches and wellness practitioners to figure out how to attract clients.

Some people spend years trying complicated strategies that don’t get them any clients.

Knowing what stage of business you’re in is super important.

A coach currently earning $0 to $100k per year needs different strategies than a coach earning $500k+ per year.

Trying to copy industry leaders often leads to frustration and very few clients because you're not seeing what got them there in the first place.

I'll help you learn and implement the important strategies that are effective at your stage of business and prepare you as you grow into the next stages of business.

What We'll Work On Together:


  • Create offers that support your people. It's hard to sell a service that people don't actually want or need. Even if you know what your offer is, we may be able to make it even more enticing. 

  • Write sales pages that educate your people. Typical sales pages only talk about pain points, desired results and features. This is boring and doesn't help your people learn anything. The most intriguing sales pages transform your people's entire world view.  

  • Talk to people in ways that help them understand themselves better. The most important thing that leads to clients is how your people feel when they talk to you. I'll help you set up discovery sessions (you can call it something else if you don't like "discovery session") where your potential clients gain a powerful understanding of who they are and what they need. This includes using your deep listening skills.

  • Do marketing research that helps you niche where you'll be the happiest. This includes my revered free coaching session in exchange for a short research interview strategy that not only helps you learn from your people, but leads to deep & meaningful relationships that often become clients. 

  • Inspire your people through personal stories. Inspires your potential clients and teach them that you can help them through the power of storytelling. 

  • Have accountability. You won't have to feel lost about what to do. Do the most valuable tasks each week that will bring in clients and grow your business and set yourself up for task management in the long-term. 

  • Personalized support and coaching. While I have general roadmaps that fits many clients, our work together is personalized. With some clients, we get down to business fast and others we spend a fair amount of time talking about feelings and doing IFS (Internal Family Systems) with parts of them that need compassionate attention and healing. And sometimes your business needs us to think outside the box where no roadmap has gone before. 

Jonah Richman
Molly Wilder - Divorce and Life Coach

“Last fall I had 2 clients from Instagram. With Jonah’s help, now I’ve had over 40 clients. I love my people. Every client is an ideal client and I don’t even have my website done yet. Every time I get on a coaching call with Jonah, I know what we were going to focus on and then I leave and OMG it was the best coaching call.”

Divorce and Life Coach

Jonah Richman
Unita Sert - Career & Strengths Coach

“Jonah’s support was priceless. He helped me to create very clear structures on how to communicate in social media and face to face meetings, what I am passionate about and how to get more clients. It wasn't a one-fits-all approach, he tailored it to my individual needs and strengths. 3 months of exciting and rewarding work with Jonah resulted in a steady flow of new clients & requests for my coaching keep coming! I definitely suggest getting support from Jonah!”

Career & Strengths Coach

Jonah Richman
Jennifer Wade - Identity & Worthiness Coach

“Jonah helped me get over my fear of turning up on my feed on camera and helped me to connect more authentically with my audience.”

Identity & Worthiness Coach


  • 6 months of 1-on-1 coaching. 
  • We’ll meet every other week, totaling 13 sessions. 60 minutes per session for 1-on-1. (You’re guaranteed 13 sessions, even if it takes us longer than 6 months to complete them. This allows for us to miss weeks or take breaks due to vacations, illness, or personal reasons.)
  • Handouts and educational materials to support your learning and implementation between sessions.
  • Email and Instagram messaging support and feedback between sessions. You’re welcome to ask me questions or send me materials for feedback between sessions (I’ll reply and offer feedback within a reasonable amount of time, often the same day.)


For comparison, I know business coaches who offer a comparative service to mine who charge $12,500 for 6 months of 1-on-1 coaching. 

My price:  $765 per month (or $4500 full pay).

Here’s a short video where I share the story of my first significant investment in my business.